Business Starter Six-Pack

When starting a new business it can be easy to get wrapped up in a ton of little things that don’t need immediate attention. And then it’s hard to look at what actually needs doing, and things fall through the cracks. When you set up your business you need to think of a launch date, rather than thinking you can just start tomorrow with no problem. That way you will have the time to get the main things done and ready for the public.


Registering your business is so important. And to do that you need a name for your company. It doesn’t have to be set in stone as you can change it later. However, it needs to be the same name as you put on the rest of your paperwork like invoices – otherwise it doesn’t count and can be impossible when filing your taxes.


Next, you need to find yourself a location for your company. It might be that you’re building a home office just for you, or you might need to rent a space. You can share space in some offices with other companies if need be. If you’re working from home, however, make sure that you set up your workspace properly; just because you’re at home doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have an area in which you ‘go to work’, plu, you’re likely to get more distracted at home, so working up to the dining table isn’t always the best option.


Start building your website. You can use DIY building sites like WordPress and Wix, or you can hire a web developer to build it for you. The bonus of the former is that it’s free – or at least as cheap as the package choice you choose. And the later means that you don’t have to teach yourself how to build a website. Either way, you should consider going to somewhere like Lexel Agency for you web content. This way you know the text is perfectly written and is effectively equipped with all the most prominent SEOs.

Social Media

Set it all up for your business. It might seem like a pain to keep things updated at first, but you can schedule when blogs are launched, and you can write tweets or statuses beforehand nad have a store of them for the days where you’re busy or there’s nothing relevant going on in the news.


If it’s just you – then consider yourself hired! But if you need to hire some employees, you need to get the add out there as soon as possible. Write a detailed description of the role and the person you are looking for.



Along with social media and your website, another part of your marketing that you might need to think about early on is any advertising. If you are a small company, then start your advertising through social media and build up your followers and clientele. The bigger you get the more you can expand into in regards to advertising.


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