Business Rule Number One: Be First to Everything

In business, being first to everything is imperative. In fact being first to everything in business is well, it’s everything. Being first gets you exactly where you want it to be. It gets you into the eye of the exact audience that you want to attract. It’s get you the key you need to unlock your business’s potential and take it from startup to market leader in just one fell swoop.

Yes, being first to everything in business is the number one business rule you should be living be as you seek to make your business as successful as it can be. Don’t believe this? Well, read on to see why. And, if you do read on, you’ll find some information on exactly where and how to be first to everything, to boot. So, read on!

The importance of being first in business

The importance of being first in life in general is plain to see. Well, you remember your first kiss, right? Yes, thought so. But can you remember your fourth kiss? Or your fifth? Or your sixth? And so  on. No? Thought not. So, yes, the first of everything is always the most important because it is the most memorable.

And, this is why being first in business is so important, too: because it makes you memorable. It makes you memorable, first and foremost, because it turns you almost into a measuring stick for the thing that you have been first in, and subsequently that means at least a hint of your business will live on in that ‘thing’ for as long as it is a ‘thing’ because your version of it will always be brought up in comparison. It also makes you memorable because your business will become synonymous with that ‘thing’, and if with a bit of luck and a following wind, your business may even become that ‘thing’ — think Kleenex and Hoover being other names for their ‘things’ and their functions, tissues and vacuum cleaners respectively, despite only being brands and companies that deal and distribute in them.

It’s not just memorability that makes being first so important, however. No, it’s also the fact that it gives your business the chance to, quite literally, get right at the forefront in the battle for custom with your market competitors. Yes, being first really can be the difference between you getting custom, and you losing it to your competitors because, as you can probably attest, sometimes as a customer it really is a case of settling for the first thing you see. So, if you want to tap into this ‘settling’ market, then make sure you are clawing yourself to the forefront of every race for custom you embark on.

As you can see, being first in business is rather important. So, give being first the precedence it both needs and deserves and do all you can to make sure that your business’s next venture is one that takes it right to the front of whatever it needs to go, and make sure it is the first business in your market to get there!

Areas that you should try to come first in

But what should your business’s next venture be? Well, it should be a venture into an area where coming first really matters. It should be in an area where coming first really is the difference between attaining custom, and losing it.

One such area that your business should be focusing on is the world of online marketing. Yes, being first online really can be make or break to a business, simply because of how intertwined the world of business is with the world wide web in this modern day. It is intertwined so heavily because the Internet and its many facets can and do prove to be the best marketing tools for businesses today, simply because of how easy they are use to, how cheap they are to use and the built-in audience that uses them. So, now you know why being first to things online is so pivotal — it’s pivotal because of the way it allows itself to market itself properly and reach the audience it needs to reach — now it’s time to actually start being first, specially being first to specific things first. And the first specific thing that you should be getting first to when promoting yourself online is your target audience’s computer screens. Yes, when you are the first business to appear on your audience’s computer screen you will, as previously mentioned, automatically become their first port of call when seeking to do business in your market — to appear on your audience’s screens first, first and foremost, you’re going to have to work on your business’s SEO. By doing so, and preferably by working alongside a SEO Company when you do so, you will be the first business appearing in your audience’s search engines. And, when this happens, you will give yourself the absolute best chance possible of turning them into customers. So, be first when it comes to search engines such as Google and Bing, and watch your target audience become your customers.

And, finally, of course, the best area of business to come first in is an area that is not yet alive, let alone established, as this will allow your business to not only be the leader in that market, but it will allow it to be the market itself. Yes, this might be a bit tricky, but it is doable with a lot of hard work, a bit of luck and, most of all, an ingenious idea. Or, you could just come up with a new perception or position of an already established area of business, like when Netflix took centre stage in the movie renting arena just a few years ago, completely sidestepping the fact that rental stores such as Blockbusters stood in their way to do so. They did so by turning their attention to an area of renting that was the same as the one that stood before it, but at the same time was completely and utterly different. So, if you can’t think of your own area to be first in or you can’t find a gap in the market to be the first to fill, then simply create your own spin on something that is already established, and be the first to give this spin a go!

Some problems to avoid when you do come first

Being first does come with its problems, however, one being that businesses seem to lose all trace of market awareness in their bids to be the first. And, when market awareness is lost by a business, no matter what venture is that they are taking, things begin to turn sour very quick. They begin to lose a track of what works in their market and what doesn’t. They begin to lose a track of what their customers want. They even begin to lose a track of who they are, what their identity is and why they began trading in the first place. So, whatever you do in your bid to be first, just make sure you do not lose your market awareness.

An example of this can be found in a business trying to come first when it comes to on-trend topics.  Now, of course, attempting to do this is always going to be a good thing. You see, when you are the first business to become a ‘fast follower’ of a current burgeoning trend, whether that trend is in the world of business or not, you will show yourself to be a business that has its finger placed firmly on the pulse of the modern world. And, that is only ever going to be a good image to have! But, when you do try to get first to current trends, don’t do so without thinking the venture through as this will mean you will lose your market awareness. Basically, only ever tap into the trends that tie into your market perfectly and wouldn’t look forced and desperate if you were to try and make money from them. For instance, upon the fidget spinner craze of 2017 every business and its dog were patterning spinners with their business logos, even when it made absolutely no sense whatsoever to do so. This just looked tacky and not at all impressive or forward thinking, and do you want your business to be seen as tacky or anything other than impressive and forward thinking? No, you don’t, so don’t force things in your attempt to get to things first and don’t lose your market awareness along the way.

In business, there’s certainly nothing wrong with coming first, that much is for certain! So, get your crack team of business experts together, get brainstorming and get deciding what areas your business should be trying to enter first and then begin putting plans into place on how you are actually going to get your business there.

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