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Bright Light in a Dim World

Cool Lighting Ideas for the Home

Lighting design is integral to the aesthetics of a good room, but is often massively under-appreciated. The wrong set of bulbs can ruin an atmosphere faster than you can say “lava lamp”.

Happily, there are plenty of amazing and different lighting options for vintage lovers, modern minimalists, those with a big budget and those who are slimmer of wallet.

We’ve cobbled together a collection of feature lights:

Artemide – Miconos

Ignoring the slightly pretentious name, these blown glass lamps, which come in the form of ceiling mounts, table lamps and free-standings, are really quite attractive. They’d be a great addition to a dusty library and a sparse loft apartment alike.

Artemide's Miconos


Corner Mounted Wall Light

This corner light, designed by Peter Bristol, is the first word in modern geometrics. Strapped for table space and a bit gun-shy about getting an electrician in to do the necessary re-wiring for a ceiling light, this is a great little compromise.



Astro Star Laser Projector

For the fantasists (don’t be ashamed, there’s one lurking in all of us), this is brilliant. Whether you’re a country-born, living in the big city and missing pollution-free starry skies, whether you never quite got over your childhood indoor-fort making days, or whether you’re looking for perfect, enchanting mood lighting for your next romantic episode – this is the one. Seriously, knicker-droppingly good.


astro star laser light


Plumen Designer Energy Saving Light Bulb

Ethically minded people are often lumped with some of the ugliest products that anyone has ever brought to market (need we mention the word hemp). For the energy conscious, these are a great marriage between style and conservation. Traditional energy savers, although often bright, often give out some of the least flattering light around. These designer energy savers by Plumen are a cool alternative.

plumen designer energy saving bulb plumen energy saving lightbulb

WestVintageTradingCo Sign

Yeah, yeah, exposed brick, treated wood and vintage bulbs is old news… we know. BUT, it’s still cool, so whatever. You’ll incur a hefty shipping fee getting this one across the Atlantic, but then you’ll also get the kudos of having Made in Tennesse bragging rights about your sign light.

vintage light store sign

Glass Jar Pendant Light

A bit hipster-chic maybe, but a nice clean aesthetic and they’d suit a range of different settings. Oh and, currently on sale at Light in the Box.


Allot Lamp Small Plywood

This sturdy-looking floor / wall light is a multi-funtional creation from architect Konstantina Manthou. For those who like things to look a bit stripped back and bare, this is a nice choice.

plywood desk floor light

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