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Brand of the Week – Zanerobe

XWHY’s weekly edit – this week, Zanerobe

“Premium denim and streetwear. Refreshingly lacking in pretension” – is how they bill themselves.

We’re not sure that you can actually call your own “refreshing” lack of pretension… as presumably that’s for your customers to decide, but what the hey, it’s an admirable enough goal, so we’ll let it slide.

Plus we like the brand…

Zanerobe, an Australian menswear co., based in Sydney, isn’t “new” by our usual standards. They’ve been on the go for a good decade, but have enjoyed pretty minimal international exposure, until relatively recently.

They seem to be in the process of some mega break out act, though, thanks to founder Leith Testoni and brand manager Dan Maynard.

The brand’s aesthetic stems from a sense of male community. In Testoni’s words: “We run around getting things done, working hard, partying hard, being athletic, and also loving fashion. That energy and wolf pack mentality has resonated with guys all over.”

As such, the clothes are street-smart – a bit of denim, a bit of stretch and give, cinched and un-cinched cuffs. Simple, but stylish, trendy, but with enough room to move and get on with your life.

Let’s have a look at their Hype Nation Spring 2014 collection:

130702_0094 130702_0135 hypestyle_039 hypestyle_112 Zanerobe XWHY MAGAZINE Zanerobe XWHY

We’re also feeling some of the shirts they’ve currently got on offer:

Zanerobe shirt 2 XWHY Zanerobe shirt 1

Zanerobe products can be bought on their ONLINE STORE. UK customers might prefer to purchase Zanerobe items from Need Supply Co.


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