Brand of the Week: Surface to Air

#FOUND – XWHY looks into Parisian brand Surface to Air

Yes, another “collective”. They’re pretty popular at the moment aren’t they – everyone seems to be in a collective of sorts. It conjures images of artists communes, sequestered in some warehouse littered with paint pots, fag ends and other romantic debris…

In reality, it’s just a term bandied about by any brand consisting of more than one person and considering themselves to be of an artsy fartsy disposition.

Surface to Air is no young buck. The brand, founded by Jérémie Rozan and Aldric Speer, was established in 2000, making it a veteran among our other brands of the week. Its claiming of the “collective” title is owing to the fact that they are proponents of film, music and art, as well as fashion.

Indeed, their contemporary approach to filming and concept-art has led the Surface to Air Studio to create videos and campaigns for the likes of i-D, Givenchy, Uniqlo, Lanvin, Kid Kudi and more…

The fashion is pretty alright too. Check out some of the stuff that’s just made it into their sale section:

Surface to Air clothing menswear XWHY Magazine

Surface to Air Menswear XWHY Magazine

Surface to Air menswear XWHY Magazine


Visit their site HERE

Alternatively, Surface to Air menswear can be found on


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