Boost Office Productivity by Altering the Environment

Boosting your office productivity is crucial if you want to stay successful. There are things you can do to help it along, and these will make your workers more comfortable and happier. Research shows that a happy workforce is a productive workforce, so it is well worth the effort to keep them in a good frame of mind.

Keep A Level Temperature

If your staff are too cold they will be more bothered about warming up than working. The same applies if they are too hot, except they will be trying to cool day. You should make sure your office is a comfortable temperature to work in and it is said that 77 degrees F is the best.

You should try to maintain this level all the time. Don’t, for instance, let your heating fuel run out. If you know it is getting low, contact a company such as Tonbridge Fuels to get it topped up before you staff start to freeze. It’s pretty difficult to work at your best when you’re teeth are chattering, and the same goes for if you’re pverheating too!

Even Lighting

Natural daylight is the best for any business environment, but it is not always possible Fit you office with LED lights as they will illuminate your office more evenly and do not put so much strain on the worker’s eyes. There is none of the flickering or buzzing associated with some old style lights, and they are much cheaper to run. Add to that the bonus that they last much longer so they are able to reduce your maintenance costs, and LED lights will benefit you and the staff.


If someone is sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day, they do not want to be in an uncomfortable position because their desk or chair is too high or low.  Remember that one size does not fit everyone, and make sure that your workers have a workstation that is suitable for them.

Reduce Noise Levels

It can be difficult to concentrate on the job you should be doing if there is excessive noise. This can be a problem with open plan offices, but you should try to make sure that the people doing the jobs that require most concentration are in one part of the office away from the most foot traffic and distractions.


Neutral colours with some bright accessories or borders is said to be the optimum way to decorate your office for maximum production. Most office workers will spend 40 hours a week in their workplace, so it needs to be pleasant, without being overly bright. Too many bright colours on the walls will cause headaches, and that will not help production levels at all. Perhaps let them have some personal things around them. Maybe a plant they like, or a family photograph. Little things like this can make them feel more relaxed, and then they will work at a better rate.

Be Aware Of Their Safety

A lot of people seem to think that offices are the safest place to work in, but this is not the case. Workers are injured, sometimes seriously, all the time in office environments. It could be because of loose flooring, an electrical item that is faulty, or they could get repetitive strain injuries if their workstation is not right.

Show them that you care about their safety so that your office is accident-free.


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