Earlier this week we headed to East London for the Launch of the Boiler Room x Ballantine’s True Music: Hybrid Sounds. The partnership between Boiler Room and Ballantine’s is in it’s third year and this year they will be pairing some of  the electronic music scene’s most original live acts with their more traditional, instrumental counterparts in four of the most musically and culturally diverse cities in the world (Namely; Sao Paolo, Beirut, Moscow and Valencia) to deliver the third True Music EP.

On the decks for the evening were French DJ rRoxymore and Dutch maestro Dollkraut (Pascal to his friends), the latter who we managed to grab for an exclusive chat with XWHY to discuss his involvement in the project and his beginnings as a DJ back in his native Holland. The Dutch innovator famed for his mix of Lo-fi sounds and electric disco was on fine form and kept the crowd captivated through out the night. It’s little wonder that he was selected to take the helm for the Lebanon leg of the True Music tour.

How did you enjoy tonight? It must have been very different from playing in front of a big crowd.

Yeah it was really cool. The most intimate performances, with a small amount of people in a small place, are the coolest ones because you’re in front of those people.

How did you start out? Tell us about your first gig.

There was some kind of DJ competition in my hometown. But it was in a club and I was at the age where I couldn’t go in on the weekend or drink. It was like “wow, I’m inside!” People liked my music and they asked me to DJ there, in a club where it was 21 plus and I was only 18 or 19. Maybe I looked older!

What sort of stuff did you start off DJing?

I started off with all kinds of stuff. You know when you ask your parents “were you a Beatles fan or a Rolling Stones fan?” my dad would say “both”. I played everything. And at that time, you know how the brain works, it stays there. I don’t stick to one lane; I like songs that are a totally different style.

How would you describe your style?

With a lot of hooks, but not hits.

Which artists inspire you?

A lot of people. Portishead. They triggered the imperfection and made it sound beautiful. That’s how I also do it. They say that if you’re in tune it’s all cool and nice but it means nothing. Perfect means nothing. If you have a guitar and it’s a little bit out of tune it could be perfectly in. Then you’re starting to think in a way; you’re working. If life’s perfect you don’t need to think about it. The imperfection is part of the art, it hast to do something. In Holland we have a lot of beautiful artists on the charts that are all in tune but it’s not for me.

You’re here with Ballantine’s for the True Music Project. For you, is there a place on the tour you really want to get yourself involved with or want to experiment with in terms of the location?

I’m going to Lebanon. When I was in Holland with my band, we were like “yes, this is the stuff!” We all listen to the folk music, like the Greek, Turkish and African old music; the traditional stuff. And so when we heard we we’re going to Lebanon we were excited; “yes, let’s do this!” This could be really nice as it’s not party related. I listen to everything, I don’t care which country it’s from. If it’s beautiful, it’s beautiful.

What are you plans for 2018?

I have a new single coming out on the Rotterdam label called Charlois and I have a remix EP coming out from my album on the label from Jennifer Cardini (DJ Broadcast Radio Correspondent). These singles will be out in March. She got a hold of Alessandro Adriani from Mannequin Records to do a remix. I’m looking forward to that.

If you were to hold a festival, who would you have on your line up?

Oh wow! I think it would be old stars, like DAF from Germany, Anthony Rother, Turkish Zelda and those kinds of true artists. That is the music I listen to at home. If I had a festival it would be them.

And you would Headline?

oh no no. If I have them there is no need. I’ll just chill and enjoy it!

The True Music tour is kicking off in Russia on 15th February, Overmono will be joined on the show line up by:

· Derrick May

· Or:la


· Pavel Dodonov

To check out more on the Ballantine’s True Music project, head to


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