“BLKKK SKKKN HEAD” – Kanye West Official Video

The video’s leak (at least in part) earlier this month prompted the type of foul-mouthed twitter rant that we’ve all become accustomed to.

He clamoured, almost sweetly and quite fairly, about how “heartbreaking” it was to have his work circulated without his permission. But he ended the sequence of tweets in characteristic West style with a short, sharp “F___ YOU!” to those responsible.

Anyway, without much notice, he’s gone and released the official version.

Ever lusting after some sort of genius break-through (and constantly convinced that he is, in fact, creating Jesus-like miracle after Yeezus-like miracle) the video is as weird as to be expected.


In a bid to out-technology his rivals, BLKKK SKKKN HEAD is variously interactive. Viewers can adjust the tempo of the video (and sound), which, as fun as it is to slow down West’s voice to a snarling, drawling, distorted, gooey, amoeba-esque substance, is probably, musically, fairly pointless.

More interestingly, though, and possibly quite clever, is the button which allows you to take relatively high quality screen grabs, for the purpose of keeping, sharing, tweeting etc.

The song itself is quite good – every line builds to a crescendo of sorts and the pace is gripping (another reason why it feels odd to be able to slow the thing down). The content of the video, though, is bizarre.


The racial references in the CGI Noir creation are smack-you-in-the-face obvious – he opens with a reversed Klu Klux Klan image of three, black pointy-hatted creatures. And the whole “skinhead” theme clearly invokes another EDL-style group of traditionally racist fascists.

It’s not entirely clear what point he intends to make, though. On the surface, it could just be shocking for the sake of being shocking (even though, these days, hardly anything he does has the power to shock us anymore). But it’s Kanye, so there will be some sort of long, rambling, not entirely logically put together reason for every one of his references and decisions. Surely Twitter will enlighten us soon…

Oh, and it’s pretty hilarious that CGI Kanye is so ripped. Can’t accuse him of being over-modest can you…?


Check out the full video at Kanye West

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