Black Teenager Wins At Ivy League Acceptance, Racism Abounds

You’ve probably seen the story already – the post showing the essay that got him accepted into every single Ivy League university in America has been doing the rounds on Facebook, Twitter and beyond…

The post made it to Reddit too, obviously.

Unfortunately, it seems that humanity is being a bit of a let-down again, seeing as many of the responses to the post have focused on Kwasi Enin’s race.

Some, such as MisterMJH, have suggested that Enin’s acceptances were a result of quota filling:



Let’s address that for a second; even if some form of racial profiling had come into the equation – and let’s play devil’s advocate and say that it did – the chance that he would have been admitted to the full spate of top universities, some of which have an acceptance rate as low as 5.8 per cent, would be implausible.

Other reactions were more disappointingly extreme, such as this comment, by someone with the predictable moniker solidarityisforwhite:

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 17.43.17There’s nothing much to say about this really….except some people suck.

Luckily, this post ends on a good note. A comment from someone who knows Enin, jolienieweenie:

Reddit 3


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