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As part of the Ballentine’s inspired Stay True range of short films, South African electronic music producer  Black Coffee has lead a 40 strong group of African vocalists to create a stunning voice-only recreation of his most famous track, ‘Rock My World’. Each of the Stay True films has been shot around the world and features unique individuals who represent the mantra, ‘Stay True, Leave an Impression’.

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Each film in the series, captures these individuals as they bring their own story to life, performing innovative, creative and artistic experiments centred around their passions, philosophies and talent.

The latest film, shot in and around Johannesburg (Soweto and Maboneng), illustrates Back Coffee’s passion, creativity and continuous experimentation with music. The film opens with Black Coffee’s own back-story before we see him assemble a group of vocalists from across Africa.

The climax of the film is an experiment which defines Black Coffee’s ambition as an artist; it is an impressive feat to deconstruct one of his most famous electronic music productions, ‘Rock My World’, and recreating it using only the vocal abilities of his 40 strong choir. In this moment we see the worlds of electronic music and vocal technics collide as the beautiful acapella arrangement is expertly pieced together.

Black Coffee commented: “Musical experimentation and its power to bring people together is why I do what I do. When Ballantine’s asked me what my dream experiment would be, I wanted to set us the challenge to do something unique. To see the group of vocalists we put together from throughout Africa with each playing their own part, producing the final recreation of ‘Rock My World’ was an amazingly satisfying moment.”

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