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Beesmunt Soundsystem – The Baby Maker EP

I try not to judge a book by its cover, but as soon as I saw the name of this EP, I knew I was in for something a bit fun.

Released on the March 31, Beesmunt Soundsystem’s new EP is the debut release from Bristol-based house and techno specialists Just Jack. Although the record label is new, the Just Jack crew have been dominating the West Country House scene for almost a decade and their nights are renowned for being something special.

Amsterdam-based Beesmunt Soundsystem rattle off three headbumping, body-shaking tunes, guaranteed to fill a dancefloor and have you screwing up your face in all kinds of non-narcotic fuelled distortions.

If pushed to pick a standout track from the EP, though my heart and head might say ‘Close to me’, my feet scream out ‘How I wish’. The slow, but steady build of the beat and keys had me going for the first two minutes, but as the uplifting chorus dropped I fell in love and a grin spread across my face.

No doubt this won’t be the last we hear from either Beesmunt Soundsystem or Just Jack Recordings, especially if you are inclined to shuffle your feet in a Bristolian warehouse.

You can follow Beesmunt Soundsystem on Soundcloud HERE

Tickets for the Just Jack Label Launch on April 5 are available HERE 

WORDS: Michael Thomas


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