AskMen’s Top 99 Most Desirable Women a Farce

AskMen makes dubious editorial decision to boot Miley Cyrus to the bottom of their list…ignoring reader polls.

The rhetoric of AskMen’s recent Top 99 Most ‘Desirable’ Women reader poll is certainly more 21st Century than that some of it’s counterparts. Your average lad’s rag ballot, using “sexy” as the only criteria, invariably descends into a gallery of ‘who consistently wore the fewest items of clothes this year’. Pretty rigorous judging standards, you’ll agree.

At least the concept of ‘Desirable’ is multi-dimensional. Everything from a flash of side-boob and come to bed eyes, to ravishing intellect and coy mysteriousness, can be the flint to spark desire.

Emilia Clarke XWHY MagazineEmilia Clarke tops reader poll

Back to the point though – it has been reported that, while AskMen let their voters decide to put Emilia Clarke at the top, they’ve made the editorial decision to remove Miley Cyrus from her original spot on their list, placing her instead at number 99, as a “symbolic” gesture. A symbolic gesture of what though? We’re not entirely sure. As a ‘you shouldn’t have to turn up in a nude PVC bra, waving a foam finger at your crotch like an air traffic controller for us lads to find you sexy’ message to other women…perhaps it’s commendable… But the website/newsletter is aimed at other men. So that presumably rules that out.

It’s not a wildly unreasonable, then, to speculate that they’ve moved Miley to the bottom to give the boys something to laugh about, in a kind of ‘check out this stupid wee lass, getting her kit off and waggling her tongue around; she’s hit rock bottom, that’ll learn her’ kind of move…

Emilia Clarke Miley Cyrus XWHY

Never mind the argument that it’s just that sort of judgemental male approach, in the press and in the music industry, that has brought her to this ‘stripping and licking’ point, for it’s been well articulated already… Even Kasabian said so.

Our point, here, is that surely AskMen is all about doing exactly that? ASKING other men. Their whole model is built on the premise of putting the zeitgeist back in the hands of the people, rather than the Murdochs of the world.

In this case, they’ve submitted to the idea that “desire”, as they’re labelling it, is varied and subjective across their readership. One person’s turn-on is another’s ‘oh my god please don’t show me that thing again’. And that’s why we didn’t make ourselves extinct a long time ago, from all killing each other over the same girl.

Their “editorial decision” seem to just be code for ‘actually we’ve decided that your opinions don’t count after all; we the press / the man / the machine (whatever you want to call us) retain the right to set the agenda, and we’ll build you up and knock you down at our leisure, thank you very much.’

Emilia Clarke, you’re in. But Miley love, point that foam finger at the door and show yourself out.

What do YOU reckon?…

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