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Apple’s Gag Order and It’s Government Information Requests

Apple has decided to fight (although not strictly transgress, obviously) the “gag order” placed on it by the US Government to prevent particular details of their information requests becoming public.

The tech giant has published a certain amount of information about the breadth, scope and type of information requests that they receive from different governing bodies globally, and they are calling for the freedom to publish in greater detail.

So far, they have revealed that the US Government, rather predictably, topped the charts when it comes to frequency and volume of requests. There were between 1,000 and 2,000 requests made, for example, during the six month period prior to June 30. Most of these, Apple says, involve robberies and other crimes or requests from law enforcement officers searching for missing persons”.

Apple says in their report that their “business is not about collecting information” – which seems to us to be a pointed dig at those demanding them to store information for the purpose of these sort of requests.

However, what looks on the surface to be a jab at the status quo, might be nothing more than a PR stunt. Apple has a famous air of left-wing hippy culture about it. Steve Jobs and his shoelessness, need we say more? But many have since argued that the global tech machine isn’t quite as liberal as it’s made out to be. Check out Andrew Leonard’s scathing rejection of Apple’s “Liberal” reputation.

In actual fact, Apple’s report is frustratingly vague, possibly because they have to negotiate a particularly comprehensive gag order, or possibly because all of this “we stand for the people” talk is exactly that… just talk.

You can read the full report published by Apple HERE and decide for yourself.

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