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As the old saying goes, “Never trust a man with bad shoes”.

In 2013, we welcomed the return of the running shoe into the fashion fold, with pretenders to the throne like Saucony & New Balance going from strength-to-strength. Collabs and releases galore! Despite all this, it was the big dogs that were constantly vying for our hard earned cash last year, with the an endless churn of high quality releases.

With a subject as important and subjective as sneaker choice, the battle lines have been drawn, scrubbed out and re-drawn many a time. Some people like a bit of mutiny, desertion and re-grouping, flirting with one brand and then another, in search of the best fit and form to suit their ensemble on any given day. While others are devoted brand fundamentalists, picking a name and sticking with it through thick and thin – they have the OG colourways, the re-releases and the re-designs.

Adidas Consortium EQT XWHY

Now, if you’re a hard-line fundamentalist, sitting in the Adidas camp, this year is already looking to be one of the best yet, with the return of Stan Smiths and “Ye” signing on the dotted line to confirm their hook up. And the good news just keeps on coming, with the release of the Adidas Consortium EQT Running Support.

Previously released in the early 90s as a running shoe built to meet the ever changing demands of pace-setters, this release stays true to the original with the iconic 3 stripes mark, colourway and textiles for a new generation. The EQTs will be available from February 15th in Grey/Red/Black and Black/White/Green.

Already released in their homeland Germany, these are sure to be a favourite with Adidas fans young and old, from Run DMC through to Beckham.


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