A Website For Your Men’s Victorian Fashion Tailoring Busines

Bespoke tailoring businesses are becoming popular in capital cities around the world because as the standard of living increase, people want to spend lavishly on themselves. Although there are many franchises that are always trying to build up their ranges and create new designs, many people want to be different and still be trendy. There are a plethora of businesses that make clothes to the order of centimetre for women, but men have to scour the land to find their right kind of fashion desire. There has never been an era of men’s fashion, that has ever surpassed the Victorian Era. Still, to this day, the most expensive clothes that are worn by Hollywood stars and world famous musicians, take inspiration from the era. No more so, than James Bond and since the snug fitting suits of Daniel Craig have come onto the screen in recent times, men want to look sharp and bold. It’s time to show the world what you can offer with a great website.

Banners and slideshows

Instantly, when consumers head over to your website, professionally taken photographs of models wearing your clothes should be at the top of your website in the form of a banner. This banner can be interactive, such as the ability for the mouse on hover over a certain part of the banner, and automatically zoom in to see the fine stitching and material you use. As part of the homepage, you can also showcase multiple clothing items in the form of a slideshow. Each picture should also link to the exact outfit shown, with the link going to the page of the most valuable item. If the outfit is a wedding suit, when customers click on it, they are transported to the jacket, with all the other items showcased below it, available to be clicked on and inspect in the same manner.


Introduce your ethos

So many men are interested in the clothes of the era which have had a massive impact on the modern dress clothes worn by so many famous stars. However, to pull them in and maintain their interest, have a blog page that introduces your business. With the aid of a fantastic website design, your staff and yourself can clearly be displayed and your roles formally introduced. When customers click on your profile, they can be transported to your bio, written by you, going into brief detail why you love the business. One idea is, for you to also have a video shot of yourself working in your business while shots of an interview style, can be cut into places for a more rounded explanation and the introduction of your passion.


Each category of clothing should be clearly laid out, and sections within those categories present too. For accessories, you could have a sub-category of cufflinks, tie clips, pocket squares, belts, wallets, watches and more. The key is to make sure you give plenty of options and display everything in your business that you do at the premises, online. You could put suit jackets and trousers with tags such as the colour, fabric, and price range also.

A bespoke tailoring business is being sought after by more and more men who want to look sharp but rely on their clothes to fit and flatter them properly. A website is a chance to open the doors and show customers what your ethos is, the achievements you’ve had and what kind of style you offer.



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