A Product Of Design: The Creative Checklist

Designing and manufacturing are two of the hardest things in business. For the most part, companies outsource these tasks to specialists that take care of the problem. Voila – the job is done.

You’re not most people though and have an urge to create something from the ground up. It’s difficult to put your finger on why, but the idea of making a product and releasing it into the world is intoxicating. Can you picture your baby now, taking great strides?

The design isn’t as easy as putting pencil to paper and doodling away. That’s why you can use this step-by-step guide to ensure you tick all of the boxes.

Go Sherlock On Competitors

A positive mental attitude means that you won’t care about how other people run their business. The only thing you are in charge of is your destiny. Still, it’s a mistake to ignore the competition when they have lots to offer. Did you know about the IBM Power microprocessor before it became popular? Nope, but smart bosses in the field would have done their research to integrate the tech into their strategy.

The key is to review an array of products and services and use whatever stands out as inspiration. It may be marketing, for example, or it may be packaging.

Design Packaging

No, this has nothing to do with the materials used to wrap the product or service. However, a savvy tip is to keep this in mind because it impacts sales. Instead, think about the design software package that you are going to use to get thoughts out of your head. ISE has long been a favourite of designers but there seems to be a shift towards Vivado. In this case, you’ll need an Artix 7 FPGA board to allow access to the program. According to the forums, features such as UARTs, SPIs, IICs, and an Ethernet MAC make it a no-brainer.

From 2D To 3D

Images in the brain and sketches are 2D and don’t provide the whole picture. Only a 3D model will show the product in all its glory. Plus, it’s better to see the final version in the flesh before it goes live on supermarket or eCommerce shelves. To bring it to life, it’s vital that you choose the right program or device. Selva3D converts images into 3D STL files for printing or CNCing. Speaking of printing, the ultimate option is to invest in a printer and manufacture the product on a basic level.

Feed It Back

Once it is physically in your hand, there is one major play left to make. Before trying to shift units, you have to get feedback on the item first. Hand it out to people on the street, in bars, or at a restaurant and ask them for their opinions. See what they love, what they like, and what they hate and take it all into consideration. Sometimes, reviews highlight errors whereas other times they boost confidence in the product.

But, you never know until you know, right?


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