A New Interior Office Space For A Fresh And Productive New Year

This year is winding down, and you’ll be concentrating on all the festive food, parties, and gift-giving that the season has in store. Christmas and New Year are a great time to reflect on the past twelve months and celebrate all of your achievements; it’s also a time to start making plans for 2018, and figuring out how to have a great year ahead. If you work from home in any capacity; your office space will be vital to the success of your job and career, and will impact your ability to continue to grow and develop in the coming months. Winter in the UK can be tough for everyone; motivation and drive can often be slow, and getting out of bed to work in your office might be challenging. Therefore, now is a great time to start planning a home office makeover.

A fresh interior space will be a great focus to your new year plans, and you’ll find getting back into the swing of things far more appealing if you have an inspiring environment in which to work. Therefore, if you manage to get some free time over the next few weeks; grab your notebook and pen (or laptop) and start writing down what you want to gain from your office space. You can begin collating ideas from Pinterest, and you’ll reach your ultimate office goals when you’re in January, giving you a productive start to the year. Now is a great time to start asking Santa for some office essentials too; stationery and interior accessories are always great Christmas gift ideas. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and tips for those who want to create their dream office environment for their best working year yet.


Clean Lines For A Clear Mind

Start by clearing out all of your clutter so that you have a clean and tidy space, to begin with. Light colours and clean lines will contribute to a clear mind, allowing you to think freely and work hard. Make sure there is plenty of natural light in your office; don’t overdress your windows, and get some inspiration from this website regarding fresh white shutters and blinds for the room. Whether you’re going to invest in new furniture and storage or repurpose items that you already own; make sure that the room doesn’t feel cramped so that claustrophobia isn’t an issue as you work from home. A fresh coat of paint of older, dark wooden items can do wonders and will lift the environment so that it’s light, breezy, and easy to work in.

Characterful Touches And Plenty Of Personality

Although you’ll want a clean, clear, and uncluttered space in which to work; you don’t want it to feel clinical or uninspiring. Therefore, make sure you add the things that will make you feel comfortable and inspired. A board with your favourite prints, photos and postcards above your desk will allow you to bring an array of colour and images into the room, without making it feel messy. Plants, picture frames, the odd rug and cushion will also help you to add your personal style and ensure that you have a happy environment for a boost in productivity; perfect for your fresh new year ahead!


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