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  • XWHY XMAS Guestlist – #3 James

    XWHY Musical Guestlist – the experts select the best of 2013 music… It’s day three of our Christmas playlist series. And to get us over the midweek hump we’ve got resident XWHY columnist and all round irreverent wit James Barton […]

  • Sacred Cows: He’s not the Messiah…

    …he’s another Sacred Cow. XWHY grump James Barton just cannot get his head around Yeezy. So, the trailer for the new Assassin’s Creed movie is out, and it actually looks pretty decent. My main criticism of it turns out to […]

  • Not-For-Profit: Are Yuppies Really As Bad As Developers?

    As you may have noticed, there was a protest in Brixton last Saturday against gentrification. Dubbed ‘Reclaim Brixton,’ it was completely peaceful, until some protestors forced their way into the town hall. Finding nothing there except a civil marriage ceremony, […]

  • When Walking, Please Stop Being Such A Dick

    Calling out obnoxious, entitled behaviour is the bread and butter of opinion columnists. We’re an obnoxiously entitled lot, see. Much of this obnoxious behaviour is displayed while commuting or travelling. It is incredible, the amount of vitriol that can be […]

  • Spectator Sport: In Defence of the Liberal Arts

    XWHY columnist James Barton muses on his own existence (again), falls for Will Self and ignores Katy Hopkins entirely… A recent debate, hosted by British conservative rag The Spectator, was fuel to James Barton’s existentialist fire…not least because he came […]

  • Neknominations, MotorWasted and the Rat-Arsenist

    James Barton dives headfirst into Banter-Warfare, NekNominations and Other Lessons in extreme stupidity…. Now that we’ve rolled into February, it’s about that time when everyone starts forgetting their New Year’s resolutions and devolving back into the slovenly amoral cesspools they […]

  • Demetri Marchessini – Homosexuality’s all Greek to him

    The Telegraph publishes bizarre open letter by Demetri Marchessini, criticising “pro-gay” Times columnist Libby Purves….James Barton gives him a grammar lesson… Demetri Marchessini, who in the interests of fairness I am obliged to refer to as a former UKIP donor, […]

  • Hipsterpocalypse – Post Code Death Knell?

    Chewed up, spat out? Why in-crowdsourced communities aren’t parasitic It seems a little redundant to point out that hating hipsters has been the internet’s flavour of the week, because along with cats and dubious heart-warming stories, hating hipsters is pretty […]

  • How To…Make Resolutions that are Slightly Less Inane

    Ah, January – that time of year  when we all realise what’s terrible about our lives and attempt to rectify these glaring flaws. I need to stop smoking! I drink too much! I don’t do any exercise! Anyway, enough random […]

  • Let’s Play a Fun Game: Lad’s Mag or Rapist?

    Can you tell the difference between a lads’ mag and a rapist?! XWHY’s James Barton weighs into the lads mag debate. An investigation into a study that beggars belief…and a bit of spleen venting too, obvs. When I was first […]