Why You Should Shop Independent


In short: You’ll look better than everyone else.

Fast fashion is in full swing, with many of us favouring the ease and convenience of the big retailers. Churning out uninspired, poor quality, and cheap products, independent brands have taken a back seat. Though this shouldn’t be the case. Boutiques and independent stores offer an incomparable service and expertise opposed to shopping experiences made in bigger branded stores, but for many independent retailers they have had to turn solely to an online presence within the fashion world, put off by extortionate rent prices. Yet for some, this is all they need. Here’s why you should ditch the norm, and shop independent.

What makes independent brands different?

Independent brands are influenced by culture, society, music and are the embodiment of modern society. If we compare independent brands to high street fashion, there are distinct differences. High street fashion is made to appeal to as many people as possible, which massively dilutes the style. If you find your style niche, then there will be an independent brand that can cater to your individuality and style needs. Shopping independent means you will have a wider variety of style options that stop you from blending in and looking the same as everybody else.

Get the clothes you want

Stop buying into this fast fashion notion. These cheap, disposable, churned out fashions destroy any ounce of originality. Independent retailers lend themselves to innovation and truly unique styles. Helping to bring fashion forward, introducing new, fresh ideas to the industry, that’s not seen on every man and his dog. Boy London are a perfect example of this, their cropped jumper range is exclusive and authentic, and quirky. Different to any other styles you’ll find on the high street or online. There is also some weird, smug, satisfied feeling you’ll get, knowing you’re one of only a few rocking a particular piece.

Discover New Brands

 Independently shopping will introduce you to new brands, and new styles. You’ll gain access to fresh, undiscovered gems, new labels that aren’t available across bigger retailers. Quite a few independent labels have a story behind them, some giving back to charities, some purely inspirational, go get inspired, and maybe give something back.

Quality NOT Quantity

Let’s face it, we have no idea where the majority of our clothes came from, or who made them. That’s what makes most of the purchases we buy so disposable, because the quality and price is so dispensable, ready for the next, cheap arrival to make its way into our wardrobes. Independent retailers carefully source their materials and know exactly who has made them. Transparency surrounding the ethical value of workers’ rights and sourcing of products within the fashion industry has been a controversial issue for a number of years now. Independent retailers help offer a fresh, new and clear idea about where exactly the clothes you’re wearing come from, and you can guarantee they will be value for money. Good quality, original pieces should be an investment, and will stand the test of time.


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