5 Ways To Freshen Up Your Office Décor

A tired and worn office could be creating a bad impression on clients and negatively affecting you and your employees’ morale. Here are just a few ways to freshen up your office décor to make it a more productive and inviting environment.

Fix up your flooring

The floor is one of the first things people notice in a room – worn or stained carpets could be having a negative effect on your company’s reputation. Whilst you can hire a professional carpet cleaning company to help shift stains and revive your carpets, such a company won’t be able to remove all marks and sometimes you’re much better off just replacing the carpet altogether. When looking for a new carpet, find something that’s most visually impressive and practical. Investing in an Axminster carpet could be worthwhile for giving your office an air of luxury. Decide whether you want to buy a full carpet or carpet tiles, the latter of which is easier to repair without having to replace the whole thing.

Let there be light

A gloomy office can be depressing. Make sure that there is enough light in your office in order to make it a cheerier environment. Companies such as Trilux lighting can supply custom artificial lighting that is both energy-efficient and bright. Bright colours schemes can help to reflect the light and will give your office more of a glow. You can also try to introduce more natural light by adding new windows or skylights – this may be something you need to bring up with the owner of the property if you currently rent.

Update old tech

It could also be time to update any old machinery in your office. Not only will this old technology look bad on your company, it could be relatively slow in performance compared to modern machines and relatively high in energy consumption. Modern machines use up a lot less energy, which could help to reduce your bills. You could even start incorporating elements of smart technology into your office.

Cull the clutter

Clients won’t think much of your business’s organisational skills if your office is a tip. Make sure to get rid of any clutter whilst renovating your office. Try to think minimal – cut down on personal possessions and consider going paperless to get rid of piles of documents and files. You could hire a skip to help motivate you to throw things out.

Add some greenery

Adding plants to your office can help to create a link to the outside world. Studies have shown that plants are also good for concentration and productivity due to the fresh source of oxygen they provide. If you’re going to grow potted plants in your office, make sure that they are well looked after – you or one of your employees could be assigned to this task. You can buy plants for office use from sites such as House of Plants.


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