5 Things To Consider When Moving Long Distance

Relocating somewhere far away is a big decision. Before taking the bold step and making the move, here are five things that you should consider.

What are your future goals?

Moving long distance could give you access to your perfect job. Alternatively, it could be a place to settle down and raise kids or a place to retire to. Having a goal is important – moving long distance to get away from your current life or simply to have an adventure is a risky move that you could regret. You also want to make sure that other goals aren’t sacrificed by moving. If you’re moving to start a new life with your partner but are forgoing your career goals as a result, consider whether this sacrifice is really worthwhile.

What will you do as a job?

It’s worth securing a job before you move so that you’re not financially struggling in your new location. When it comes to remote locations such as working and living in Guernsey you may want to check that there are available jobs there for you to take up. When applying to jobs, make your employer aware that you’re not planning to start for a few months so that you have enough time to plan somewhere to live. It’s possible you may be planning on relocating in order to pursue a job that’s already secured. Alternatively, you may be able to transfer to another branch within the same company if you work for a large corporation.

What’s the difference in living costs?

It’s important to consider the difference in living costs. Whilst you may be able to find a higher income job in London, you may also be dealing with high rental costs and pricier food and drink. Make sure that you research into this before you move so that you’re not spending more money relatively.

What are the local facilities like?

It’s also worth looking into local facilities such as banks, doctors, shops, schools and social opportunities. Having these on your doorstep could help you to maintain a good standard of living. Good roads and public transport links may also be essential to help you get around.

Will it impact your friends and family?

A big consideration to make is whether your move will strain relationships on friends and family. If you have a partner or kids, you should check that they are happy to make the move and that this is not just your decision. Contrastingly, you should be careful of moving long distance for the sake of somebody else. You should also consider who you will leave behind by moving long distance. Relocating could result in not being able to see friends and family members as often. Whilst the internet has made it easier to communicate long distance, you may still miss being able to hang with your friends and family in person. That said, in other cases, relocating could bring you closer to friends and family.


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