5 Fire Safety Tips For Your Business

Fire safety is imperative if you own a business – it could be a legal requirement if you have employees. Here are 5 tips that will help you to keep you, your staff and your business safe in the event of a fire.

Buy the right extinguisher

All companies need to invest in a fire extinguisher – but did you know that there are multiple types of fire extinguisher. Some are designed for electrical fires, whilst others are designed primarily for cooking oil fires. It’s important that you buy the right type of extinguisher for your business – unless you have a kitchen with cooking facilities, you won’t need a wet chemical extinguisher. You can buy extinguishers from sites such as Simply Extinguishers.

Check your alarm is working

Every business needs a fire alarm. If you don’t own one, you should make buying one a priority. Many companies never test their fire alarm to see if it working – you should make sure that it is tested annually so that you can guarantee it will alert you in an emergency.

Have a clear escape route

It’s important to have a clear escape route. This should be signposted – you may even want to hire a specialised electrical company such as Analogue Electrics to wire in lighted signage. Make sure that any corridors leading to your fire escape are free of obstacles. You should never pile up items in front of a fire escape door as this will waste previous time in an emergency. Offices on upper levels will need to have stairs fitted and not simply rely on an elevator – this could involve fitting an outdoor fire escape.

Practice a fire drill

It’s worth also practicing a fire drill now and again so that your staff know how to react and where to meet. The meeting point needs to be somewhere far away from your building that is easily identifiable. Larger companies with lots of employees will often train up a senior staff member as a fire warden – they can then take charge in the event of a fire. You could even consider taking staff members on a fire safety course.

Take measures to prevent fires

On top of putting fire safety features in place to help in the event of a fire, it’s worth also implementing some preventative measures to lower the risk of a fire occurring in the first place. This could include getting old electrics updated and not overloading plug sockets (you’re better off installing new sockets). You may also want to consider keeping on top of clutter – particularly flammable clutter such as masses of paper documents and books. If you need more help with fire prevention, you can always hire a fire health and safety inspector to come to your premises and assess what can be improved.


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