4 Ways To Land Your Dream Job

So, what is a dream job anyway? That depends on you, and the various factors you want from a career. As examples, your dream job may be…

… something that gives you extra spending power.

… something that drives your passion.

… something that gives you a good home-work balance.

… or something else! Whatever is appropriate to you.

If you aren’t in your dream job, then you need to be proactive. Otherwise, you will be stuck in the job you’re in, which may or may not be offering you any degree of happiness.

To get your dream job, you need to…

  1. Figure out what your dream job is. You may have had bold aspirations when you were younger, with job ideas that haven’t yet materialised. You may have been inspired by others, and want to follow their example in the job you choose. Or you may have no idea at all, so some careers advice is going to be useful to you. Once you have figured out what you want to do, you are one step closer to getting the job of your dreams.


  1. Broaden your skills. If you aren’t equipped for the job you are so desperate for, then you are going to have to go back to school, be that online or at your local college. Some, like this RNBSN online, can be worked around your current lifestyle, while others will require a more full-time commitment. You will have to factor in your current job role and your other commitments, but if you are serious about getting your dream job, you have to find ways to make the time to build your skills and get those extra qualifications you need.


  1. Be an excellent employee. The job market is tough, so while you may know the type of job you want, there is no guarantee you are going to get it. While building up your skills is useful, and while having a resume that makes you stand out is a start, you also need to prove your credibility. In your current job role, no matter how tedious, be an exemplary employee so as to land those job references you will be needing down the line. And who knows? By working harder and showing gratitude for your role, you may actually realise you are in your dream job! But if not, you need to work on the following point.


  1. Push open doors. Don’t be a wallflower! If you want the job, you are going to have to push yourself forwards. Contact employers on the phone, or through email and social media. Turn up at the door with your resume in hand. Look for vacancies in all the usual places, but if you find a company you are interested in, don’t wait for a job role to be listed. You have to get yourself out there, proclaim your availability, and talk to anybody who is going to help you move forward  into the job you are craving. Make it a near-full-time commitment to network, job search, and work on your skills, and you should be able to land that job. And when you are in your dream job, be sure you read our tips on what you should do next.

Finally, if you’re in your dream role, then well done you! We bet you can’t wait until Monday morning rolls around again to get back into work. But let us know how you did it. What steps did you take to get to the place you wanted to be? And if you’re not in your dream job yet, consider our advice. Life is too short to be stuck on a career path that isn’t satisfying you. Figure out what you want to do, and then go for it while you still have time.



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