4 Things That Happen When You Try To Do Everything In Your Business Alone

You’re awesome! You’re smart, you’re capable, you’re resourceful and determined. You have the exact qualities that make a great entrepreneur… Yet your business is floundering because you’re struggling to keep up with the demand for your product and service. You work hard, dedicating yourself entirely to your business and diligently ensuring that as busy and as stressed as you get, the quality your clients or customers have come to expect never wavers. Your hard work and dedication are commendable… But, and I’m sorry to tell you this, they’re not sustainable.

Even the most gifted entrepreneurs recognize that they can’t do everything alone. As reluctant as you may be to eat into your profit margins by taking on new employees, subcontracting other freelancers or investing in third party support in marketing or IT support services, your business will ultimately suffer if you don’t reach out for the helping hands that are at your disposal. “It’s too soon”, you may protest “When my margins are just a little higher, then I’ll start investing in support”. That’s all well and good, but every month you wait could potentially damage your business, despite your hard work and good intentions. Here are 4 things that will likely happen if you continue trying to do everything yourself…

You will be miserable

You most likely started your business because you were frustrated with the daily grind and were desperate to find something more fulfilling than the 9 to 5 rat race. In establishing your new business you may well have found it, but unless you tap the brakes now you could wind up hating and resenting your business. Your entrepreneurship is supposed to enhance your quality of life, not detract from it. Over time, you may find that your enthusiasm for your business wans and as hard as you may try to hide this from your clients or customers they will detect it in some way or another, especially when…

You will make mistakes

Let’s face it. As brilliant as you are, you’re only human. You can’t keep up your current pace and productivity rate without something slipping through the net of your self-imposed quality control. As your stress levels rise, you will experience increased anxiety and even risk panic attacks, yet despite your compulsive need to keep standards high, eventually you will make mistakes. Your clients will begin to notice this, and while they may initially laugh it off, eventually…

Quality will suffer (and your brand may be undermined)

Your business’ reputation plays a huge part in determining your ongoing success or failure and unless you invest in the support you need, your business’ reputation (and the brand upon which you’ve built it) will suffer. The sterling reputation of your brand, which you’ve worked so hard to build, will be compromised. Eventually, you may notice that less and less business comes your way.

You will be unable to grow

Even if your business’ reputation is not mired by mistakes, even if you’re able to keep spinning plates at this rate indefinitely, it’s inevitable that you will hit a wall. In failing to invest in a robust infrastructure you will not allow your business to grow, which means that your competitors will start hoovering up opportunities that you’re too busy to accept and they will thrive while you stagnate.


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