4 Careers That Will Never Die

Being made redundant is one of the worst things that can happen to someone. Few things hit you as hard as being told you’re no longer needed anymore. In some cases, this can be because the company you work for isn’t doing well and they need to make cuts. But, more frequently these days, it’s because you’re no longer needed. Your job can be done by a machine or software, so there’s no need for you anymore.

This is a tough pill to swallow as it makes you worry about the rest of your life as well. If you’re no longer required to do your job, then this means your career is over. You have to start from square one and walk down a different career path, which can be very hard to do if you’re used to the same work over and over again.

Which is why it’s helpful to choose a career that will never die in the first place. I’m talking about jobs that will always have a place in this world, and where humans will be counted on. Below, you’ll see a few examples of careers that will never die:


Journalism Careers

Many people don’t view journalist jobs as having bright futures. People seem to assume that you’ll never find work and that it’s not a stable career. On the contrary, the world will always need news. There will always need to be people out there who deliver news to different people at all times. In this age where we pretty much hear about things as soon as stories develop, it means there are more and more journalists jobs out there. Gone are the days where the only role was a writer at your local paper. Now, you can set up a website and become a freelance journalist focussing on your own stories. You can create a YouTube channel and build a business based on delivering news on specific topics. If you like this idea, then there’s a video that can help you out below! The possibilities are endless, and journalism will never die as long as there are humans on earth.

Finance Careers

The financial industry is just never going to die. The world depends on money, businesses depend on accountants, and regular people need financial advice from somewhere. As a result, there will always be finance jobs around for those that need them. If you gain the qualifications to work in this field, then you’ll have so many opportunities to find some excellent jobs. Most of these jobs will be around forever so there won’t be the fear of being made redundant because a machine has come along and taken the role from you. When it comes to financial help and services, it’s always best when run by people.

Social Work Careers

Social worker jobs are excellent if you want a career that’ll never die. Again, it goes back to the point I just made on many financial careers; there needs to be human contact. With something as delicate as social work, you need to have conversations between two human parties. You have to problem-solve and come up with solutions to help out individuals and families in need. This isn’t the type of work you can simply program into a computer and let it show different results. It requires empathy and charisma, two things that only humans have. As such, if you want a career that isn’t at risk of being obliterated, then this might be it.

Physical Therapy Careers

In the healthcare world, many jobs may no longer be around in the future. However, physical therapy jobs will always be relevant. People will always end up in pain, and there won’t be a way to magically correct muscle imbalances or chronic pain. Sure, we may develop a medication that makes pain relief work better and faster, but physical therapy gets to the root of all problems. Plus, in a world where more and more people are gaining access to prosthetic limbs, it means there’s going to be rehab periods as they get used to them. So, if anything, the role of a physical therapist may change slightly with medical advancements, but this career will never die.

To round this off, I just want to touch upon a few careers that have either already died or are dying. One that springs to mind is the role of a receptionist, with virtual assistants, this career is teetering on the edge of collapse. The same goes for retail jobs as more shops are going online, and more brick & mortar stores are using self-checkouts that negate the need for cashiers. There are others, but these brief examples show that not all jobs will last. So, make sure you get one that will!


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