3 Ways of Reclaiming Your Inner Peace in Record Time

As men, we’re often expected to be in constant “go-mode” no matter the occasion. While there’s definitely something to be said for drive, ambition, and the ability to grind hard when needed, it’s absolutely essential to counterbalance all of this with periods of calm and relaxation.

Between the demands of our careers, friends, and family, and while constantly sleep deprived an over-caffeinated, it’s all too easy to lose track of the simple truth that a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life requires some balance.

Before you speak to a Dr online about a prescription for sleeping pills, here’s a look at a few practices and hobbies you can pick up right now, to enhance your calm and inner peace without losing your edge.

Take up meditation

Meditation could more-or-less be described as the art of directing your attention to a single pointed focus, and gently returning it to that focus when your mind wanders away (as it inevitably will).

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not about “silencing your thoughts”, but about detaching yourself from them so that they don’t have the same draining emotional control over you.

Today there are many services all over the web, not to mention books in print, detailing different meditation techniques and approaches. Science has, in recent years, repeatedly shown that regular meditation changes the very structure of our brains so as to encourage greater happiness, calm, and clarity.

If you’re feeling a bit awkward about taking up meditation, keep in mind that tough guys throughout history, including Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Lee have sworn by the practice.

Read more books (and turn off the electronics at night)

Staying awake glued to a screen late into the night must be one of the most common unhealthy behaviours present in the world today. With the wonder of electricity, the internet, and on-demand TV, bed time can be whenever you want it and the precious hours after you’ve finished your work for the day seem to call for a good web browsing session.

Unfortunately, exposure to the blue light from screens at night has the ability to dramatically alter your hormone balance in the nocturnal hours and keep you from restful sleep.

Instead, have a go at turning off all your electronics in the evening and reading more books instead. Not only is it an entertaining thing to do, it’s also a great way of unwinding before bed, getting more sleep, and spending less time dwelling of social media dramas.

Take up wood carving

While being about as old-timey a hobby as you could ever hope to find, wood carving nonetheless allows you to focus all your energies on a simple project, and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction as you make progress towards the finished piece.

Not only that, but it’s not a hugely mentally taxing pastime. It’s completely possible to enjoy a bit of woodcarving while listening to some music, having a film on in the background, or listening to a podcast.

And, let’s be honest here, knowing how to whittle is a pretty fun skill to drop into conversation now and then.

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