3 Business Tasks You Should Outsource – Today!


If you are a business owner you will realise that you have to become “a Jack of all trades” very quickly. Necessary work such as admin, accounts, social media and writing content for websites has to be done, but is so time consuming, leaving little time for generating more sales. Sales increase profit, in fact it has been estimated that to grow a successful business 80% of your time should be spent on generating sales and getting out and about to meet potential customers. Unless you work 24 hours a day, there just isn’t time to fit everything in!

Thankfully there is a solution. You can outsource many of the time consuming tasks, leaving more time to concentrate on growing your business. The internet now gives us the opportunity to connect with people outsourcing their skills on a freelance basis. If you are running a business that requires cold call selling and it isn’t one of your skills, you could even outsource to telesales  freelancers!

This article aims to highlight some of the tasks required to run a successful business that could be outsourced.


This is  the most obvious area to outsource. Keeping accounts and paying employees demands a level of accuracy and is time consuming. You could outsource payroll to a company such as http://payroll.services and you could hire a bookkeeper to keep all your accounts in order. You will be thankful for the help when tax returns are due!

Social media

Social media is a relatively new task to add to the long list of “things to do”, but having an online presence and being able to promote your business in order to reach the huge number of potential customers that use social media is essential. You will be recognised as a trusted business within your industry. Looking after social media accounts takes a huge amount of time. You will probably want accounts on a number of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but to run these successfully and increase your followers takes effort, as you need to connect and engage with people. There are social media experts out there who could run your social media platforms for you.


Did you know that you can hire the assistance from a virtual PA or admin assistant? Minutes from meetings can be written up, letters posted and files maintained, which are all time consuming tasks.

It is possible to outsource just about any task, especially if it’s from a certain skill set such as marketing and design. Repetitive tasks can also be outsourced.

Caution should be taken when choosing the right people, as outsourcing is supposed to save you time, you don’t want to end up spending the time saved managing a small team!. Ensure you get references and ask to see previous work. The key for outsourcing to be successful is good communication between yourself and the person hired. Ensure that they are clear on the task and your expectations, also keep in regular contact.




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