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10 Reasons Why Chris Evans (Captain America) Looks Better Than You

New XWHY trainer and fitness columnist Jack Braniff wades into the Superhero debate

So, I posted on my blog last week about King Leonidas being the ultimate man.

I was mistaken.

Apparently thee days, clean and perfect trumps rough and rugged.

Chris Evans is the new Leonidas.

He’s the star of the Captain America and really does live up to his name. Enhanced to peak human performance and – just to make you hang your head in shame and envy – the man can bench press 545 kg, run a mile in 73 seconds and he’s one of a few mortals that can wield Thor’s hammer Mjolnir.


In case you’re wondering I’m not a comic book fanboy, but it doesn’t take obsession to appreciate greatness.

So how does he do it?

1. He doesn’t booze or eat junk food

That’s right, Chris Evan banned himself from Domino’s, Mcdonald’s and all things you find on your 3am trip home from a night out. I probably don’t need to explain this, but a nights drinking, and the dreaded post drink food binge, is a sure fire way to screw the proverbial pooch.


2. He takes his supplements

Not only the experimental serum given to him by Dr. Erskine, Chirs Evans also takes his supplements. Whey protein, Creatine and BCAA’s all played a role in chiselling his physique for the blockbuster.

These are three great supplements, if building muscle is your primary goal.

Supplements are not a magic cure, nor will they guarantee a great body, but they will bolster good eating habits.

3. He goes to the gym 6 x per week

You don’t build muscle from a 30mins fat attack, body pump or boxercise class. No, Chris hits the gym 6 x p/w lifting heavy, hard and working to his max.

Go hard, go home, or go to Zumba.

4. He trains his legs

Urgh, I know. Everyone’s least favourite workout.

Chris Evans trained his legs twice per week before filming.

Firstly, it would be embarrassing to have chicken legs in spandex.

Secondly, training your legs is the easiest and most effective way to put on serous muscle mass and for overall development. Hitting them hard twice a week will be far more effective than doing bicep curls 4 x a week.

So drop the dumbbells and bosu ball, and get in the squat rack!


5. Chris does HIIT training

Yep, do you think Captain America spends his time on the stepper and the cross trainer, pshhh. No, he sprints across NYC throwing his shield and pushing his HR to the limit, starving his muscle of oxygen ensuring he burns fat fast not just during the workout, but later in the day too.

Are you doing HIIT? If not, get my FREE guide here.

6. He prepares his food

Every day Chris prepared his food.

Who’s going to laugh at Captain America if he carries a lunch box to work? I certainly wouldn’t.

Prepping is the best way to stay on track if you want to get in great shape. Spend one day to plan what you’re going to eat for the week, go shopping and you’re half way there.

20 minutes a night to sort out your lunch and snacks, no excuses.

7. He eats his greens

As well as being a Popeye fan, Chris understands the importance and benefits of a vegetable rich diet. By controlling the acid loads of your food, and being full of vitamins and minerals, it’s an easy habit to improve your physique.

So add green veg with every meal, or a greens drink if it’s not an option.


8. He eats protein with EVERY meal

Yep. Every meal.

9. Chris matched his carbs around his workouts

This is very easy to do, but people really struggle because the high carb western diet has been ingrained into our way of eating. Instead, match your carb intake around your training.

So, after you workout, up your starchy carbs like rice and potatoes etc. Outside of this window, build your meals around meat/fish, a little fat and LOADS of vegetables.

10. He’s a Comic book hero

And you’re not.

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